VAT Refund for Non-EU residents over 16 | Remboursement de TVA pour les Non-Résidents de l’union Européenne (PABLO)

If you are eligible for VAT refund, please contact us at before shopping.


In France, the VAT Refund procedure has been made much easier with the PABLO barcode reader.  PABLO allows shoppers to get their VAT forms electronically verified without having to queue up for a customs stamp.


Shoppers eligible for VAT  / Sales Tax refunds:
Non-EU residents over 16.

Ordered from and delivered in France.

Minimum spend:
175.01 Euro on the same day in the same store.

Time limit for Customs approval:
3 months after the month of purchase.

Required for Customs approval:

  • Fully Completed Tax Free form (please contact us at
  • Purchased goods
  • Purchase receipts
  • Passport
  • Travel Documents

Refund options available:

  • Credit Card (directly on your order)
  • PayPal (directly on your order)